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With over twenty years on-site experience, we have performed our services on all makes and models of HGV and non-HGV vehicles. We use the latest state of the art laser based system, which is the only one that is recognised by all truck manufacturers, (with some of them using the same system on their production line). It is widely accepted as the most effective method of accurate wheel alignment available.

All work is carried out on-site, or at a convenient location with computerised records being kept for all work undertaken. A detailed report sheet is issued with every alignment check carried out, which can be kept with the vehicles service record to further enhance your ‘green’ credentials! As expected, Totally Tracking operates with multi-million pound Public Liability cover and carries full risk assesment and method statement information.

Tyre Top Tips

  • Do make daily checks on the condition and pressure of your tyres; they’ll thank you for it.

  • Don’t ignore poor tyre wear; it won’t go away on its own.

  • Do get the problem rectified immediately; simply changing the tyres doesn’t cure it.

  • Don’t use new and worn tyres on the same axle; it could seriously affect the handling.

  • Do replace worn tyres by the pair whenever possible.

  • Environment

    With the reduction in fuel consumption comes reduced emissions. In light of the constant attention that is being given to global warming and the effect of carbon emissions on our environment, this is a particularly important issue. With one freight train capable of replacing up to 50 HGV journeys, there is also increasing calls for more freight to be put back on the rails for the transportation of goods nationwide. According the Department for Environment, per tonne carried, rail produces between five and ten times less emissions than road transport. With carbon dioxide emissions from road hauliers having increased by more than a third between 1990 and 2002, road freight now accounts for 8 per cent of UK carbon dioxide emissions. This is a strong argument for rail freight and if the haulage industry is to fight back, it ‘must’ be as cost, fuel and emissions efficient as possible to survive.

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